Building Capabilities, Enabling Implementation

We are an implementation and capability building consulting firm that enables your organization to deliver its strategic goals and initiatives, and empower its own people.

What We Do

We partner with your organization, be it private or public, to help you address the core challenge of successful implementation and build the ownership and capabilities of your own people for lasting change.

Our global team of experts and practitioners works hand-in-hand with your team, from blueprinting and scoping implementation through capability building and execution. CAPADEX, our proprietary online portal, enables our teams’ timely and seamless support to client teams in a scalable manner throughout the implementation journey.

For the health sector, we bring world-class practical expertise to implementing strategic programs as well as specific initiatives in Value-Based Health Care (VBHC) and Patient Centered Care (PCC) . We are an approved and licensed training and implementation partner to the International Consortium for Health Outcomes Measurement (ICHOM).


We conduct all-around assessments to determine the needs and implementation-readiness of your organization, and design and scope implementation blueprints to enable the realization of your strategic objectives and initiative goals.


We turn your organizational initiatives and goals into real-world projects for your people to implement with the support of our expert coaching, practical toolkits, and competency-based learning and simulations. We have a number of certified trainings related to VBHC implementation and benefits realization.


Our all-round global expertise and ready-to-use toolkits help you meet the challenge of successfully implementing your major initiatives, end-to-end. This covers scoping and blueprinting implementation to providing just-in-time expert input, change management, risk management and enablement support, throughout the journey.

“There is no evidence to conclude that previous success in higher education correlated with future success in subsequent professional qualifications undertaken.”, Ernst & Young, August 2015
As the speed of technological change continues to increase, we’re seeing a greater mismatch between education and the world of work”, Ali Matar, Head of Talent Solutions, LinkedIn MENA
“Over 60 per cent of employers say they can’t find the skills that they’re searching for from this huge pool [of jobseekers], which is an amazing thing”, Rabea Ataya,
“94 per cent of spreadsheets contain errors. In the absence of formal training this seems unlikely to change”, FT, Spreadsheet training would save millions, 27 July 2015
“There is a need to retool yourself, and you should not expect to stop. People who do not spend five to 10 hours a week in online learning will obsolete themselves”, Randall Stephenson, chairman and CEO of AT&T
“Many companies choose not to employ succession planning and when they do, it’s oftentimes aimed to mitigate outside scrutiny rather than qualify talent”, Forbes, Study Reveals 4 Leadership Gaps That Impede Performance, 3 April 2015
“Practice by doing” achieves an average learning retention rate of 75%, far beyond lectures (5%), and second only to “Teaching to others” (90%) – National training institute


We help our clients through hands-on guided implementation projects, grounded in four vital elements that drive real capability building and implementation success.


We define the most employer-valued strategy-relevant competencies and evaluation frameworks across different sectors and job categories.


We help our clients scope their highest priority initiatives into real-world projects that are completed by their own staff, guiding their learning and implementation.


Our mentors, who are an all-round team of seasoned professionals, not career academics, guide the learning journey by drawing on their experience in the workplace and in top consulting firms.


Our online learning support platform, CAPADEX, seamlessly brings together client and CAPADEV teams for tracking progress, insights sharing and mentoring projects, allowing efficient implementation support at scale

‘I loved it. I have learnt so much - from developing the project process to details in the presentation’
‘Consulting project is a great opportunity to utilize the knowledge we learned before in a real business environment’
‘The most important thing is it cultivates me with huge responsibility and confidence’
‘Interns are very happy. The freedom they were given to link their project to a bigger mission and make a tangible impact excites them’
“The consulting project was a great skill-building opportunity. I feel much better prepared for the business world. 10/10 would recommend”



  • Have you been witnessing implementations falling short of plans?
  • Do you have important initiatives that should be implemented but lack the capabilities and toolkits needed to successfully take them forward?
  • Would you rather achieve, as much as possible, your strategic priorities with your own teams, and a heightened sense of ownership, than bring in external support?


  • Are you a policy-maker, provider, payor, or life sciences firm who wants to drive outcomes-focused care or transition fully to Value-based healthcare but don’t know how to plan and navigate through the journey?
  • Is one of the goals the achievement of a world class patient experience and the building of higher patient trust and loyalty, but want practical support to get there?
  • Are you looking for ways to become a clinical hub of excellence in care and research, and attract bigger patient volumes?


  • Do you want your students to graduate with the workplace competencies employers want the most?
  • Would you like your students to gain real world experience and life skills, delivering real results to established organizations or to entrepreneurial startups?
  • Are you looking to deepen your ties with industry and enhance collaboration over innovative projects?


Our global all-round team of subject matter experts, strategy consultants, trainers, data analysts, technologists and implementation coaches, works hand-in-hand with client teams from planning to capability building and execution.

We have extensive practical business and management experience at top-tier global strategy consulting firms, leading multinationals, world class institutions, and public sector entities

We also bring deep healthcare experience in clinical, outcomes measurements, data analytics, health economics, change, and improvements. Our team comprises professionals that are trained and certified by the International Consortium for Health Outcomes Measurement (ICHOM) or are former ICHOM experts. Our expertise is derived from a wide variety of outcomes and value-based healthcare roll outs from sites all around the world and across various medical conditions.

CAPADEX ”, our proprietary online portal, enables our teams’ timely and efficient implementation support to client teams at scale. It also maximizes mentoring efficiency through multi-format content delivery, learning experience personalization, on-line assessments and shareable digital badges of competencies.

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