10.11.2018 Launch of the Patient Experience Development Program

The Patient Experience Development Program (PEX) was kicked off in early November at the
Syndicate of Hospitals as an applied learning program for hospital professionals, comprising
coursework and real world hospital projects guided by mentors with 11-day equivalent support.
The program is delivered by CAPADEV, experts in the design and implementation of hands-on,
work-based learning, end-to- end capability building programs. The first of its kind to be
delivered at the Syndicate, the program follows a project-based learning approach with applied
projects in the participants’ own hospitals. This unique approach simultaneously enables
learners to master target competencies (by applying the learning), while directly benefiting
participating hospitals from the results of these applied patient experience projects.

The program objectives are to:

  • Understand the patient experience approach to service improvement
  • Hone interpersonal skills that enhance interaction with patients and enhance productivity
  • Develop strategies to improve quality levels of patient care
  • Establish metrics to measure impact and success of patient experience strategies and utilize feedback for improvement
  • Scheme possible programs that apply the acquired tools and techniques to drive
    improvements in the hospital setting

The program is designed around four full-day workshops delivered at the Syndicate, followed by
a six-week project during which the participants receive dedicated guidance from professional
CAPADEV mentors as they implement their projects in their respective institutions.

In this first round of the Patient Experience Development Program, a full class of 15 participants
from nine hospitals across Lebanon were joined together in a series of interactive working
sessions that explored elements of patient-centered care, interpersonal skills in the patient
context, and the identification and evaluation of strategies to improve quality care levels.

The program is scheduled to finish in mid-January 2018 with the presentation of the completed
projects. The next Patient Experience Development Program will be announced by the
Syndicate of Hospitals in early 2018.