October 10, 2022 Capadev LLP

Playing our role in Dubai Business Associates, a programme run under the patronage of HRH Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum


Since its inception in 2014, the Dubai Business Associates (DBA) programme has been transforming talented graduates into the next generation of industry leaders. This has been achieved by the expert delivery of career-enhancing consulting skills and the programme’s success in providing associates with a real insight into professional life.

As an official learning partner from the very first DBA programme, Capadev is proud to have been there every step of the way.

Capadev’s role focuses on consulting coaching using its “DIY Consulting” methodology. We bring a unique combination of applied learning and project implementation to the associates by delivering intensive skill-building workshops and replicating true consulting client experiences. With Capadev, associates acquire and practice the mindset, tools and skills of top tier strategy consultants on real projects, which see them effectively delivering end-to-end projects to leading corporations and agencies of strategic importance to Dubai.

As a result, we have supported DBA in their annual execution of a truly world-class graduate management programme. The longevity of our learning partnership with DBA is a testament to both parties’ shared development ethos and commitment to Dubai as a multicultural commercial hub.

At Capadev, we share DBA’s belief in an experiential learning approach where entry-level graduates develop a strong grasp of their day-to-day life in an organisation, combined with access to the skillsets that they need to thrive.

With an office in the UAE, Capadev is also committed to showcasing the Dubai’s status as one of the key hubs for global commerce, where an international business elite meet, compete, work together, and ultimately thrive. This reality sits at the heart of DBA and its programme.

While seven successful programmes have been and gone, our team is now in the midst of the 2022 programme and enjoying the start of its work with another exciting cohort of graduates. This year, 30 graduates have been drawn from the US, UK, Austria, Brazil, China, Ethiopia, India, Kazakhstan, Morocco, Nigeria, Russia, South Korea, Sri Lanka, Syria, Uzbekistan, Vietnam, and here in the UAE too. A quite stunning 2,300 graduates applied for the fully funded programme in total, epitomising DBA’s impressive international reach.

We look forward to working with all thirty associates and we wish them the best of luck at DBA this year and going forward. This is a programme unlike any other and with every module and masterclass they take, associates will become a step closer to realising their evident potential. Not just that, but they will have access to DBA’s network for life – a network that Capadev is proud to be a part of.